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Identify and fix broken links on your site to improve user experience and SEO with our easy-to-use Websites Broken Link Checker.

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Quickly Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Site

Are you looking for an effective way to identify broken links on your website? Then you have come to the right place. Smart Tools AI’s Broken Link Checker provides a quick and efficient solution for your needs. 

This tool helps you get comprehensive results with just a few simple steps. With the results, you can identify your website pages and their link status.

How to Use This Tool

It is an easy process to use this tool. You just have to follow certain steps to find out broken links on your website:

  • Enter Your Domain: Upon visiting the tool, you will find an option to enter your domain name. Make sure to include "http" or "https" in your URL (domain).
  • Click "Get Broken Links": After entering your domain URL, click the "Get Broken Links" button.
  • Get Results: The tool will quickly bring you comprehensive results. This will include important details such as your page URLs, link text, status, server response, and more details tab. The More Details tab shows the link type and follows the status for each link.

Practical Examples for Better Understanding

See these practical examples to clearly understand how the Websites Broken Link Checker tool can be used:

Example 1: Website Maintenance

If you are a website owner and want to ensure all internal and external links in your site are functioning correctly then this tool helps you. You can enter your domain into our tool and easily identify and fix any broken links. This helps maintain your website with a smoother experience for your users.

Example 2: SEO Optimization

If you are a website owner or managing your clients’ websites you should focus on SEO optimization. Here, keeping your site free from broken links is crucial. Our tool is a great assistant that offers you detailed insights into link statuses. This allows you to find and fix any issues promptly and maintain your site's search engine ranking.

The Real-World Applications of Websites Broken Link Checker

The “Websites Broken Link Checker” tool offers the following practical applications that benefit individuals and businesses:

1. Enhanced User Experience: If your site has broken links that can frustrate your users and lead to higher bounce rates. This is bad for user-friendliness and SEO. To fix this, you have to frequently check for broken links on your site. This helps you ensure a good browsing experience for your visitors.

2. Improved SEO Performance: Broken links can affect your SEO performance. Search engines consider them as a negative factor when ranking websites. So, it is vital to identify and fix broken links as soon as possible. This will help maintain and improve your site's SEO performance.

3. Efficient Website Maintenance: Web developers and content managers can utilize our tool to streamline website maintenance. They can quickly identify broken links using this tool and address potential issues before they impact user experience or SEO.

4. Increased Credibility: If your website is free of broken links that shows your visitors good credibility. The users won’t be directed to any non-functional pages and this will increase their trust.

5. Detailed Link Analysis: Our tool provides a comprehensive analysis of each link. This includes link type and follow status (No-follow or Do-follow). This detailed information helps you make informed decisions about link management and optimization.

Why Choose the Websites Broken Link Checker?

The Websites Broken Link Checker tool at Smart Tools AI offers several features and benefits to enhance your website management experience:

1. Comprehensive Analysis: The tool provides detailed results such as all of your page URLs, link text, status, server response, link type, and follow status. These details can enable you to thoroughly assess your website's link health.

2. User-Friendly Interface: The tool has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. Plus, it ensures a good user experience where you can quickly enter your domain and obtain results with minimal effort.

3. Accurate Results: You can rely on our tool which delivers accurate and up-to-date information about the links on your website. This will help you maintain a high-quality online presence.

4. Convenient Sharing Options: The available plugins help you easily share your link analysis results with team members via email or popular social media platforms. This is important to facilitate collaboration and communication.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Websites Broken Link Checker tool from Smart Tools AI. This tool is your go-to solution for maintaining a healthy and user-friendly website.


Q1: What is the Websites Broken Link Checker tool?

A1: The Websites Broken Link Checker tool helps you identify and fix broken links on your website.

Q2: How do I use the Websites Broken Link Checker?

A2: It is simple. Just enter your domain URL with "http" or "https" and click "Get Broken Links." The tool will show the status of your links.

Q3: Why check for broken links?

A3: The reasons are to enhance user experience and improve your site's SEO by fixing broken links.