Image to Text Converter

Unlock the potential of your images with the Image to Text Converter at Easily extract text from scanned documents, photos, or screenshots and convert it into editable format. Say goodbye to manual transcription and embrace the convenience of this innovative tool. Simplify your workflow and unleash the power of image-to-text conversion.

Max file size : 10 MB
Upto 100MB Go Pro

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The Image to Text Converter tool at empowers you to effortlessly extract text from images and convert it into editable and searchable text. With this innovative tool, you can transform scanned documents, photographs, or any image containing text into a format that can be easily edited, copied, and shared. The Image-to-Text Converter is a valuable solution for individuals and businesses dealing with image-based text. Whether you need to extract text from printed documents, screenshots, or images with text overlays, this tool simplifies the process and saves you time and effort.

Using the Image-to-Text Converter is straightforward. Just upload your JPG, JPEG, or PNG image file, and our advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology will analyze the image, recognize the text elements, and convert them into editable text. The converted text can be copied to a clipboard or downloaded or printed according to the user's preferences. This tool proves immensely useful for various scenarios. Students can easily extract text from book pages or lecture slides for note-taking or citation purposes. Researchers can convert scanned articles or research papers into editable formats for further analysis and referencing. 

Businesses can streamline data entry processes by converting printed documents into digital text that can be manipulated and organized effortlessly. With the Image to Text Converter, you no longer have to manually transcribe or retype text from images. It automates the conversion process, preserving the integrity of the original text while providing you with a convenient and editable format. This saves you valuable time and ensures accuracy in your data extraction tasks.