Torque Converter

Effortlessly convert torque units using our reliable Torque Converter tool. Switch between newton meters, foot pounds, inch pounds, and other units seamlessly, catering to mechanics, engineers, and automotive enthusiasts dealing with torque calculations.

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Unlock the Precision of Torque Conversions with Our Torque Converter Tool

Easily convert torque measurements with our Torque Converter tool at Smart Tools AI. Whether you are dealing with Newton meters, foot pounds, or other torque units, our converter can provide precise and efficient conversions. This tool is helpful for mechanics, engineers, automotive enthusiasts, students, and businesses. 

How to use this tool?

Using our Torque Converter is very simple. Upon landing on the tool, you will encounter an interface prompting you to select units in the 'From' and 'To' sections. You have to select your desired unit from the sections and just enter the numbers. That's it you will see the conversion unit displayed on the top.

Torque Units 

Here are the torque units you will find in our tool and you can convert from any unit to another accurately and quickly: 

A) Dyne centimeter (dy cm):

A dyne-centimeter is a basic unit of torque in the CGS (Centimeter-Gram-Second) system. Commonly used for small-scale torque measurements, it provides precise results for applications requiring fine adjustments.

B) Kgrf meter (kgf m):

The kilogram-force meter is a metric unit measuring torque which is commonly used in engineering and scientific contexts. It represents the amount of force exerted at a distance, providing a practical measure for various applications.

C) Newton meter (N m):

Newton meter is the standard SI unit for torque and it defines the amount of force needed to rotate an object around an axis. Widely adopted in scientific and industrial settings, it offers a universal measure of rotational force.

D) lbf foot (lbf ft):

The pound-force foot is an imperial unit for torque that expresses the twisting force applied at a distance. Frequently used in engineering and automotive industries, it simplifies torque discussions within the imperial system.

E) lbf inch (lbf in):

Pound-force inch is another imperial unit that measures torque in inch-pounds. Ideal for applications where a finer level of torque control is required, such as in the assembly of precision instruments.

Most Common Torque Conversions

Now, let's dive into some famous torque conversions that you can perform using our tool. These are some most frequent conversion units and apart from these, you can select from the above-mentioned units to perform your conversion.

nm to ft lbs (Newton Meters to Foot Pounds):

  • Imagine you have a torque value of 50 newton meters. Convert this to foot pounds, and you will get approximately 36.87-foot pounds. This conversion is crucial for accurately assessing rotational force in various applications.

ft lbs to nm (Foot Pounds to Newton Meters):

  • Let's say you have a torque specification of 25-foot pounds. Convert this to newton meters, and you will get around 33.90 newton meters. Seamlessly switch between units with just a few clicks for precise torque measurements.

inch lbs to ft lbs (Inch Pounds to Foot Pounds):

  • In a scenario where you have a torque value of 120-inch pounds, converting it to foot pounds gives you approximately 10-foot pounds. This conversion is perfect for precision applications where accuracy is paramount.

ft lbs to inch lbs (Foot Pounds to Inch Pounds):

  • Suppose you are working with a torque specification of 15-foot pounds. Convert this to inch pounds, and you will have 180-inch pounds. Tailor torque measurements to your specific needs with this precise conversion.

nm to inch pounds (Newton Meters to Inch Pounds):

  • Consider a torque value of 30 newton meters. Converting this to inch pounds yields approximately 265.52-inch pounds. Gain valuable insights into torque specifications by making this conversion accurate.

inch pounds to nm (Inch Pounds to Newton Meters):

  • Let's say you have a torque requirement of 180-inch pounds. Converting this to newton meters gives you around 20.34 newton meters. Effortlessly switch between units, ensuring versatile torque calculations for your specific needs.

kgf m to nm (Kilogram-force Meter to Newton Meters):

  • If you have a torque value of 40 kilogram-force meters, converting it to newton meters results in approximately 392.26 newton meters. Bridge the gap between metric units seamlessly for a comprehensive understanding of torque.

Enhance Your Torque Conversion Experience

Why opt for our Torque Converter tool at Smart Tools AI?

Instant Insights for Confident Choices: Receive rapid results, empowering you to make informed decisions with clarity on the torque landscape. No advanced technical knowledge is required.

Unlimited Free Accesses: You will have unlimited free access to the tool. It doesn't matter what conversion unit you want to perform, we offer this tool almost free of cost and without limitations.

Sleek Interface and Security: Experience a sleek, user-friendly interface with both light and dark themes, prioritizing your aesthetic preference and data security. Your information is handled securely for the utmost privacy.

Match Your Unique Needs: Our torque converter is completely free to use and it doesn’t have any limitations. You can use this tool unlimited for your torque conversion purposes.

Easy Sharing Options: Share your torque conversion results effortlessly via email or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Connect your accounts once, and you're ready to share.


Q1: How do I use the Torque Converter tool at Smart Tools AI?

A1: Simply select your desired torque units in the 'From' and 'To' sections, enter the numbers, and view the conversion unit displayed at the top.

Q2: What torque units are available in the Torque Converter tool?

A2: The tool supports units such as Dyne centimeter (dy cm), Kgrf meter (kgf m), Newton meter (N m), Foot pound (lbf ft), and Inch pound (lbf in).

Q3: What are the most common torque conversions I can perform?

A3: You can convert Newton Meters to Foot Pounds, Foot Pounds to Newton Meters, Inch Pounds to Foot Pounds, Newton Meters to Inch Pounds, Foot Pounds to Inch Pounds, Inch Pounds to Newton Meters, and Kilogram-force Meter to Newton Meters.

Q4: Can I perform torque conversions other than the most common ones mentioned?

A4: Absolutely. You can select from the provided torque units to perform a wide range of torque conversions tailored to your specific needs.

Q5: How accurate are the torque conversions provided by the tool?

A5: The Torque Converter tool ensures precise and efficient conversions for accurate torque measurements in various applications.

Q6: Why choose the Torque Converter tool at Smart Tools AI?

A6: Our tool offers instant insights, unlimited free access, a sleek interface with light and dark themes, and the option to share results effortlessly on social media.

Q7: Is there any cost or limitation associated with using the Torque Converter tool?

A7: No, the tool is completely free to use, and there are no limitations. You can perform torque conversions without any restrictions.