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Discover a suite of Domains Tools at, including IP lookup, domain age checker, hosting checker, and more. Simplify domain management and gain valuable insights for your online presence

Domain Tools

Welcome to our Domains Tools collection, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to assist you in managing and exploring various aspects of domains and IP addresses. Whether you're a website owner, a network administrator, or a curious individual, our tools provide valuable insights and information.

What Is My IP: Discover your current IP address with a single click. This tool helps you identify the IP address assigned to your device, enabling you to troubleshoot network connectivity issues or access location-restricted content.

IP Address Location: Find the geographical location associated with an IP address. By inputting an IP address, you can uncover details such as the country, region, city, and even the approximate latitude and longitude coordinates of the IP's origin.

Domain Age Checker: Determine the age of a domain. This tool reveals the creation date of a domain, helping you assess its credibility and establish its online presence history.

Domain Name Search: Search for the availability of a specific domain name. Input your desired domain name, and our tool will check its availability, providing you with alternative suggestions if your chosen name is already taken.

Domain Hosting Checker: Identify the hosting provider of a website. This tool reveals the hosting company associated with a domain, giving you insights into the infrastructure behind a website.

Domain Authority Checker: Assess the authority of a domain. This tool measures the overall credibility and influence of a domain based on various factors, providing you with a numerical score that indicates its relative strength in search engine rankings.

Domain To IP: Convert a domain name to its corresponding IP address. By entering a domain, you can retrieve the IP address associated with it, facilitating troubleshooting or network configuration tasks.

Find DNS Record: Retrieve DNS (Domain Name System) records for a specific domain. This tool enables you to explore the DNS configuration of a domain, including information such as A records, MX records, CNAME records, and more.

Blacklist Checker: Check if a domain or IP address is blacklisted. This tool scans multiple blacklisting services to identify if a domain or IP has been flagged for malicious activities or spamming.

Our Domains Tools are designed to simplify domain management tasks and provide you with valuable information for optimizing your online presence. Explore these tools and leverage their capabilities to enhance your domain-related activities.