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Unlock PDF Transformation with Our HTML to PDF Converter

Do you need a quick and efficient way to transform the web content into a PDF document? If so, look no further than our "HTML To PDF" tool at Smart Tools AI. This user-friendly converter can empower you to effortlessly convert any website URL or web page URL into a polished PDF document with just a few clicks.

We believe that this tool is so useful for users that they can easily convert their preferred web pages or websites into PDF documents for easy sharing and documentation purposes.

Customization Options

Tailor your PDF document to meet your specific needs with our easy-to-use customization options as below:

Screen Size: Choose from options like 

  • Desktop HD (1920px)
  • Desktop (1440px)
  • Tablet (768px)
  • Mobile (320px) 

These options can ensure your PDF looks exactly the way you want it.

Page Size: Select from popular page sizes to match your preferences.

  • A3 (297*420 mm)
  • A4 (297*210 mm)
  • A5 (148*210 mm)
  • US Letter (216*279 mm) 

Orientation: Users can opt for either Portrait or Landscape orientation to best suit the content they are converting.

Margin Settings: Customize the margins with options like No Margin, Small Margin, or Big Margin for precise control over the layout.

Long Page Option: Choose to convert the PDF into one long page with a simple checkbox selection.

Effortless Conversion Process and Convenient Sharing

Once you have tailored the options to your liking, just hit the "Convert to PDF" button. Our tool works swiftly to transform the HTML of the provided webpage or website URL into a high-quality PDF document that is ready for download.

Moreover, our tool has easy sharing and account Integration options which help share your results in seconds. Connect your account and use the convenient social media icons or email option on our website to share the converted PDF effortlessly.

Why Convert HTML into PDF?

The reason is so simple and obvious. In the digital world, turning HTML into PDF is not just a technical thing but it's about making life easier. Here's why our "HTML To PDF" tool is your new best friend:

1. Keeping Things Safe and Sound: PDFs are more safe in file formats. They are secure and work seamlessly on any device. When you convert your HTML content to PDF, you are ensuring that your documents stay safe and intact, no matter where they end up.

2. Access Anytime, Anywhere: Ever wished you could access a webpage without the internet? PDFs make it happen. Convert your favorite articles or important info into PDFs, and boom you can get instant offline access.

3. No More Formatting Surprises: PDFs are like the fashion designers of the digital world- what you see is what you get. Forget about weird formatting issues. Your content stays as pretty as it was meant to be, no matter the device or browser.

4. Show Your Professional Side: If your info is for work or school, PDFs give it that polished and professional touch. Also, they are perfect for reports, presentations, or any time you want to impress without the techy headaches.

5. Print & Keep Forever: Printing stuff is still a thing, right? With PDFs, it's so simple. And if you are the archiving type, PDFs are like a time capsule for your web content which is always there when you need a blast from the past.

6. Clicks Still Click, Links Still Link: Our "HTML To PDF" tool doesn't just convert but it also preserves the cool stuff too. Clickable links and interactive buttons? They stay intact. Your PDF stays just as fun and functional as the original webpage.

So, why convert HTML into PDF? We believe that you may have got the answer now. Because it's not just about files and formats but it's about making your online life smoother. Our "HTML To PDF" tool is here to do just that simple, useful, and human-friendly. 

Usage Limits and Simplicity

Our tool has a usage limit for your convenience whether you are a guest user or a registered member, our tool caters to your needs. Guest users can utilize the "HTML To PDF" tool up to 50 times a day, while registered users have increased access with up to 100 conversions daily.

Simplify your PDF conversion process, save time, and elevate your document transformation experience effortlessly with our "HTML To PDF" converter. Unlock the potential of web content in a few clicks and stay ahead with Smart Tools AI.


Q1: How does the "HTML To PDF" tool at Smart Tools AI work?

A1: Simply input the website URL or webpage URL, customize options like screen size and page orientation, and then click "Convert to PDF." The tool will swiftly transform the HTML content into a downloadable PDF.

Q2: What customization options does the converter offer?

A2: The tool offers several customization options. Tailor your PDF with the available options like screen size (Desktop HD, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile), page size (A3, A4, A5, US Letter), orientation (Portrait or Landscape), margin settings, and a long page option.

Q3: Why convert HTML into PDF?

A3: Converting the HTML to PDF brings many benefits and ensures document safety, offline access, easy formatting across devices, professional touch for work or school, easy printing, and preservation of clickable links and interactive features.

Q4: How secure is the "HTML To PDF" tool?

A4: Our “HTML To PDF” tool is very secure because we prioritize data security and the privacy of our users. We don't generally store the users' data.

Q5: Can I access PDFs offline?

A5: Yes, PDFs allow instant offline access to your favorite articles or important information when the website or webpage HTML has been converted.

Q6: Are there usage limits for the "HTML to PDF" tool?

A6: Yes, guest users can convert up to 50 times a day, while registered users have increased access with up to 100 conversions daily.

Q7: Does the converter preserve interactive elements like clickable links?

A7: Yes, the "HTML To PDF" tool preserves clickable links and interactive buttons which ensures your PDF stays functional like the original webpage.

Q8: How do I share the converted PDFs?

A8: Once converted, use the convenient sharing options on our website, including social media icons and email integration, for effortless sharing.

Q9: Why choose Smart Tools AI for HTML to PDF conversion?

A9: Smart Tools AI offers a simple, useful, and human-friendly tool that unlocks the potential of web content with ease.